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Mick, meet Keith.
Say hello to iFi, your iPod's sonic soulmate power, detail and emotion unapproached by any other iPod speaker system. Perfect in your bedroom, as your primary home audio system, or even for pre/post-production monitoring. Satisfaction, indeed.
Youll 2.0 Your Pants
Exclaiming youll 2.0 your pants when you experience the power of the Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0, this ad effectively positions this system as sounding better than anything in its class. Providing the most satisfying ultradynamic sound reproduction available for two-channel multimedia applications, the transportable Ultra 2.0 mates nicely with Apple iPods and other MP3 players, computers and CD/DVD players.  
Napoleon complex? Yeah, so?
This ad cleverly illustrates that despite its compact size, the Klipsch Cinema 6 certainly measures up when it comes to high-performance sound. This little home theater system over compensates by featuring powerful Cerametallic woofers, titanium dome compression drivers and round MicroTractrix Horns.
That Tingling Sensation in Your Chest
Promoting the compact, stylish and versatile Cinema 6 home theater system, this ad boldly draws attention to the fact that these speakers create a tingling sensation in your chest that is love and bass. Delivering big Klipsch sound from surprisingly small enclosures, this powerful setup has what it takes to let the neighbors know you're home.   
Complements Fine Contemporary Design
The Klipsch RVX-54 flat panel solution has a look that complements fine contemporary design provided it's bolted down. This ad created by Arnold Worldwide, the creative agency responsible for handling high-profile accounts such as Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and Volkswagen dramatically showcases the premium quality and sleek design of this amazing speaker.  
A Beauty Queen With License to Kill
Part of a new lifestyle-oriented ad campaign designed by Arnold Worldwide, this advertisement uses unique, artistic photography and clever catch phrases to spotlight our RVX series and represent Klipsch as the speaker brand above all others in performance and style. By delivering classic Klipsch sound from a new contemporary design, these models have a beauty that is way beyond skin deep.  
EmmyLou Harris
For almost 30 years, singer, songwriter and Grammy award-winner Emmylou Harris has taken our breath away with her mesmerizing voice, remarkable phrasing and eclectic style. Her daring creative spirit and genuine talent have made her popular in various music genres and established a legacy that is hard to match. Because of its powerful sound and visual elegance, the Klipsch Reference Series also carries a legacy that is unsurpassed. In this 2004 Klipsch Legends ad, Emmylou shows off a dynamic presence standing next to a pair of cherry RF-10s.
Matt Roberts
In 2000, guitarist Matt Roberts and his band 3 Doors Down hit superhuman fame with their catchy tune Kryptonite. Today and two triple platinum albums later, the group is still one of the hottest rock acts around. Their success is in part to Matt's sharp and driving guitar riffs that solidify the band's finely constructed and explosive sound. By the same token, our Reference Series speakers have helped us become America's number one speaker brand. In this 2004 Klipsch Legends ad, Matt stands next to a pair of RB-15s in a light cherry finish.
John Popper
With his deft harmonica playing and powerful tenor vocals, Blues Traveler frontman John Popper delivers freewheeling performances full of emotion. His talents, along with the bands jam-style attitude and untouchable bluesy-rock sound, have earned them a Grammy and several multi-platinum albums. Klipsch designed its Reference Series loudspeakers to reproduce the groups dynamic range, control and sharpness with total precision. In this 2004 Klipsch Legends ad, John is having his own personal jam session next to a pair of medium cherry RB-75s.
Stat Quo
With his brash rhymes and street-wise attitude, southern rapper Stat Quo is the future of hip-hop. Whether crafting underground tracks that reflect the harsh realities of inner-city life or recording freestyle mixes with Dr. Dre, Stat Quo throws down powerful lyrics and uninhibited beats full of passion. Klipsch designed its Reference Series loudspeakers to deliver sound with the same straight-up attitude. In this 2004 Klipsch Legends Ad, Stat Quo is featured with a pair of RF-10s in a jet ash finish.
John Hiatt
John Hiatt is one of the most prolific singer-songwriters of our time. Whether performing with his band, The Goners, or penning tunes for Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt and B.B. King, John Hiatt songs tell powerful stories of humor, honesty and tenderness universal emotions set to unforgettable melodies. Klipsch developed its Reference Series loudspeakers to reproduce his every gritty phrase with precision and clarity. In this 2003 Klipsch Legends ad, Hiatt shows just how serious he is about music by standing next to a pair of RF-15s.
Chuck D
As hip-hop's foremost revolutionary, Chuck D uses his powerful voice and sharp wit to throw down hard-rhyming, opinionated lyrics. Layering in sick beats and a dense collage of samples with Chuck's authoritative tone creates intense performances full of passion and emotion. Klipsch designed its new Reference Series subwoofers to reproduce sound with the same forceful impact. In this 2003 Klipsch Legends Ad, Chuck shows off a rock-solid attitude standing next to our room-shaking RW-12, RW-10 and RW-8 subwoofers.
Jennie DeVoe
Singer-songwriter Jennie DeVoe never fails to deliver intense, deeply personal songs that draw you into her impassioned world. One part power with two parts raw emotion, Jennie is the perfect blend of spirit, style and originality. Klipsch designed its Reference Series Satellite speakers to capture these same essential qualities. In this 2003 Klipsch Legends ad, Jennie shows off her sassy side standing next to a Cinema 10 home theater system.
Bo Diddley
In the early '50s, a new sound stormed out of Mississippi by way of Chicago. Bo Diddley's fresh electric spin on R&B laid the foundation of rock 'n' roll. As Bo was redefining American culture with his special brand of music, Klipsch was redefining the high-performance loudspeaker with its advanced horn technology. And like Bo, Klipsch has continued to innovate while remaining faithful to the essence that made the originals great. In this 2003 Klipsch Legends ad, Bo stands alongside a pair of high-performance RF-25s holding one of his trademark square guitars.
Billy Bob Thorton
Hollywood may have made Billy Bob Thornton famous, but his roots are firmly planted in the music he writes and performs. Whether in front of a camera or behind a microphone, his passion for movies and music is unmistakable. Klipsch designed its Reference Series speakers to reproduce music and movie soundtracks with the same innate truthfulness. Because Billy Bob and Klipsch both deliver legendary performances, it made perfect sense to include him in the Klipsch Legends ad campaign. In this 2002 advertisement, Billy Bob stands next to a pair of RF-35s and shows the world just how serious he is about music.
Henry Rollins
Whether singing, acting or slinging his opinion at high volume, unrestrained renaissance man Henry Rollins has no fear. Every performance is raw and as powerful and direct as a punch in the chest. Klipsch designed its Reference Series loudspeakers to perform at the same maximum intensity. In this 2002 Klipsch Legends ad, Henry looks right at home among the powerful, flagship RF-7 home theater syhome among the powerful, flagship RF-7 home theater system.
Jonny Lang
On stage and on his albums, Jonny Lang delivers every guitar riff and vocal with true power and emotion. From the blues and R&B to rock 'n' roll and soul, Jonny's music is raw and unadorned. Klipsch created its Reference Series speakers to reproduce sound the same way. This 2001 Klipsch Legends ad creates the ultimate definition of cool by combining a blues genius with a pair of amazing RF-7s.      
Kenny Aronoff
Kenny Aronoff may sit behind the likes of Melissa Etheridge, John Mellencamp and Garth Brooks, as well as the Smashing Pumpkins and Rolling Stones, but his passionate percussion never hides in the background. And neither does a Klipsch Reference Series subwoofer, when it comes to delivering low frequencies that are just as intense as Kenny's performances. This 2001 Klipsch Legends ad proves that the RSW-10, RSW-12 and RSW-15 can capture the thundering power of Kenny's backbeat and the precision of each drum roll.
Nina Storey
Nina Storey's influences are unmistakable, but the passion this emerging singer-songwriter displays on her self-titled CD proves she's a true original. Klipsch celebrates the spirit of new beginnings every time it releases new Reference Series products. In this 2001 Klipsch Legends ad, Nina Storey is featured with a pair of RB-3s in a blond maple finish.
Worlds Best Theater Speaker
Leading movie theaters choose Klipsch horn-loaded loudspeakers because horn technology reproduces a more genuine, lifelike sound. In fact, Klipsch is a leading supplier of professional stage and screen sound systems to the world's most quality-conscious cinema operators. The advanced Tractrix Horn technology used in the Klipsch Reference loudspeakers delivers the same characteristics, maximizing the live qualities of the music and movies you enjoy at home.
ProMedia Ultra 5.1 featuring Half-Life 2
One of the most anticipated video games of the year, Half-Life 2, has emerged as an even more intense, intriguing journey than the original. G-Man, the creepy looking employer of Gordon Freeman (a.k.a. you, the player) is technically a good guy, according to the games description. But were willing to bet that trusting G-Man leads to disaster. Thats why you see him our Villains series of ProMedia Ultra 5.1 print advertisements.
ProMedia Ultra 5.1 featuring Medal of Honor Pacifi
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault from EA GAMES takes players on a journey into a defining moment in world history, the attack of Pearl Harbor. This game is one of the better examples of why choosing Klipsch speakers can improve your play. The ProMedia Ultra 5.1 delivers the fine detail needed to maximize your senses and give you the edge to defeat your enemy.

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